Mar 20, 2008 at 05:18pm IST

'BCCI doesn't want to rule world cricket'

New Delhi: In a long career as a cricket administrator, IS Bindra has held various important positions. But now, the former president of the BCCI has a new challenge: he will be Principal Advisor to the ICC and in an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN's Pavitra Sazawal, Bindra outlined his priorities.

ICC role

I will be advising generally on matters relating to promotion and development of the game, with specific reference to the promotion in new areas including the United States and China, and overseeing the working of the ICC events, including the World Cups in consultations with member countries. Then improving relations and bonding between the member boards and dealing with any irritant or problems arising between the boards.

Why not CEO?

I couldn't move out of Delhi altogether because of certain family obligations. Plus, I thought that with my background and experience and long association with the ICC, I should not be involved in day-to-day implementation, and I should be concerned with the broader vision and overall planning.

IPL vs international cricket

International cricket and Future Tours Programme (FTP) will have a primacy, because for the BCCI, IPL is only strong as long as international cricket is played. The icons emerge only out of international cricket. At the end of the day, what is more important is India playing Australia, or India playing Pakistan or England playing Australia for the Ashes.

You can't do without it. This is the obligation of the Indian board and we will ensure that in no way we will compromise the position of international cricket. We are not a rebel league.

'Powerhouse' BCCI

The BCCI has never had any intention of dominating international cricket. We are the engine which is propelling the growth. We regard all members as equal in a democratic polity. Each one has an equal vote. And India is no different from the smallest of the polity, or the smallest of the members.

We carry everyone along. We work on the basis of consensus. We don't impose our ideas. We won't do anything, which will compromise the equality and equal status of all members of the International Cricket Council.