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Mar 04, 2007 at 12:05am IST

Domestic violence gains a voice

Chennai A former state tennis player for Tamil Nadu Suresh Kumar is now behind bars for harassing his wife.

When Deepa started tennis lessons eight years ago, she didn't know it will lead her to the very man who would become her living nightmare.

She was then in love with her tennis coach Suresh Kumar and braving all opposition from parents, they got married. A few years into marriage however, Deepa was shattered.

Deepa says, “He would bring home girls, sometimes minor girls and would party all night long. Also once when she was cleaning up she found divorce papers & realised he had been married earlier.”

Thereafter she filed for divorce and fled to her parents' house - but the harassment worsened.

“He could charm anyone even the maids they had employed had written love letters to him,” Deepa adds.

Suresh is now in judicial custody following Deepa's complaint. But the nightmare isn't over just yet.

But the cops are confident that she's safe.

Chennai Commissioner of Police Letika Saran said, “We have booked him under the harassment of women act so he won't get bail.”

Deepa's is a story of bravery and courage - a message to women telling them that there is way out and that they are not alone in this world.