Dec 27, 2011 at 08:31am IST

Bengali girl gang-raped in Kannur

IRITTY(KANNUR): A teen-aged girl from West Bengal, who reached here to see her lover, was brutally raped by a group of people at Vayathur near Ulikkal.
The girl who was abandoned by her tormentors at  Peruparamba near Iritty was admitted to the District Hospital here. According to the local people and the police, it was a four-member gang, who gave her a lift in a  lorry, which raped her on a river-bank.
Going by the information available from the local people  and the police, it was on December 16 that the girl from Murshidabad in West Bengal reached Iritty in search of her lover. When she came to know that the youth was working at Virajpet on the border of Karnataka state, she went to meet him along with her sister’s husband and another native of Bengal. The youth could not be spotted in Virajpeta as he had already returned to Bengal.
The girl along with her relative and the native of Bengal were on their way back to Iritty when those in a lorry offered them lifts. Instead of taking them to Iritty, as asked by the girl, the crew of the lorry took them to a river-bank at Vayathur and raped her after tying the two others with her to the lorry. The gang who raped the girl also invited another youth to join their nefarious deed.
The girl who was found in a state of exhaustion was taken first to the Taluk Hospital at Iritty and later to the District Hospital.
According to the police sources, an investigation is already on to trace the culprits.