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May 30, 2008 at 01:02pm IST

Bharti Yadav says her brothers are innocent

New Delhi: The Patiala House Court in New Delhi is likely to sentence Vikas Yadav and Vishal Yadav on Friday.

Both were convicted for murdering the son of an IAS officer, Nitish Katara in 2002. The cousins allegedly kidnapped Katara from a wedding party, bludgeoned him with a hammer and then burnt him alive.

The motive — Vikas Yadav did not like the relationship Katara shared with his sister, Bharti Yadav.

Bharti Yadav was a crucial witness in the case. She has now flown down from London, where she is currently pursuing her studies, to be with her family in this time of crisis.

In a newspaper interview, she has said:

"I am devastated with what is happening to my brothers. I want to make it clear to anybody, who is interested in the fact that they are innocent. I came because I wanted to be with my family during this crisis. The way certain aspects of the case were ignored, you can make out that they don't just want to grind my father to the dust, but also eliminate the entire family. That's why my name was dragged into the case. I am praying that nothing happens to my brothers, whom I love from the core of my heart."

Bharti had flown to London immediately after the incident and has been living there since.

Her passport was revoked in March 2006, but the Indian High Commission in UK claimed that they were unable to locate her residence in London.

She ignored many court notices sent to her and was in 2006, declared a proclaimed offender in the case.

However, she flew to India and deposed before the court — the proceedings were in-camera — in November 2006.

In her testimony, Bharti had admitted that she and Nitish Katara were "friends", but had no plans to get married.

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