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Jul 16, 2011 at 06:56pm IST

Bhopal's toxic waste worries Nagpur residents

Bhopal: Opposing the Jabalpur High Court's directive to the state government to shift the Union Carbide toxic waste to Nagpur, Bhopal gas victims have now pledged that they will not allow a repeat of Bhopal anywhere else in the country.

The Bhopal victims are in touch with concerned citizens from Nagpur, who are planning to approach the Maharashtra high Court against this order.

The 346 tones of toxic waste lying inside the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal is what the Jabalpur high Court wants shifted to the DRDO facility in Nagpur for incineration. The proposal to burn the waste at the DRDO facility in Nagpur came from the DRDO itself. But Bhopal gas victims allege there's no incinerator in the country that can burn such waste.

Activist Satti Nath Sarangi says, "The High Court's directive is ill informed. The best in the business have given an opinion that there are no incinerators available in the country that can dispose of this waste because the composition of the waste is such."

Those fighting for the gas victims have come out with a letter written by the CEO of Thermax Limited. In the letter it says there is no incinerator in the country that can dispose of the Bhopal waste. Significally, Thermax provides incinerators to DRDO. Citizens in Nagpur are also worried they are planning to approach the Nagpur Bench of the Maharashtra High Court.

The High Court has asked the state government to start the shifting process in the next ten days. But the gas victims in Bhopal say nothing should be done without ensuring the highest possible safety.