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Jan 05, 2008 at 11:01pm IST

Bhutto's aide involved in her killing: Govt

New Delhi: In Pakistan, the Benazir assassination probe has thrown up more theories with the government now claiming one of her aides was involved in her killing.

The man, Khalid Shahinshah, long time aide of the PPP leader, was signaling her assassins to close in, Pakistan's government claims. However, Shahinshah is now absconding. While a reward of Rs one crore (10 million) has been announced for his capture, Benazir's party, the PPP allege this is just another attempt by the government to defame it.

A senior PPP leader Babar Awam brought back another theory saying that Benazir was killed by a laser beam, backing it up by unveiling Bhutto's medical report at a press conference in Islamabad. Awan claims X Rays of her skull show residues of invisible electromagnetic radiations. Her skull was fractured, causing a heart attack, which killed her. And this disproves the government's claim that Bhutto died after she hit her head on the lever of the sunroof of her car. He claims further post-mortem or exhumation of Bhutto's body unnecessary.

Meanwhile, a team of police officers from Britain's Scotland Yard visited the area in Rawalpindi where Benazir was killed. Scotland Yard is helping the Pak authorities in the investigation.