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Dec 28, 2007 at 09:17am IST

Bhutto's assassination seeks answers

New Delhi: Much before anything could be done, Bhutto’s worst fears came true. Earlier Benazir was reported as saying, “There is a threat to my life. I have written a letter to Mush telling him who I think is behind my life”.

As Benazir was getting into her car at 5:30 PM after addressing the election rally, two men reportedly armed with AK-47 rifles pumped in bullets into her neck and chest. The killer blew himself up immediately after shooting Benazir, and resulted in the demise of 20 more people.

Benazir was rushed to Rawalpindi General Hospital, only to be declared dead at 6:46 PM. However, here’s a look at some of the questions that have now come up after Benazirs assassination.

Question: Despite the known threat to her life, how did a heavily armed suicide bomber manage to get so close to her?

Question 2: Why was her complaint about faulty jammers provided for her campaign security not addressed?

Question 4: Was this merely a jehadi attack, or is there truth in her husband Asif Ali Zardari's allegations of government complicity?

Question 5: Which weapon killed her, an AK-47 or a pistol? Though reports suggest an AK 47 was used, police recovered a pistol from the spot.

Question 6: Why was the police in a hurry to clean up the scene of crime?

Question 7: Who could have gained from her assassination?

Intelligence experts in India now believe that finding out who would have benefited from her death would lead to the right answers.

“We need to look at all those who might be the beneficiaries,” says AK Doval, IB Chief.

Incidentally, just two days ago Benazir's security advisor Rehman Malik had said, "I regret to inform that the jammers provided by Sindh Police to cover the movements of Benazir Bhutto, did not work, which is a serious lapse in the light of serious security threat".

Even as Pakistan struggles to return to normalcy, the truth is what people hope will help them come to terms with the tragedy.

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