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Jan 06, 2012 at 09:08pm IST

Bidve's family visits the place he was killed

New Delhi: Demanding justice for his son Anuj Bidve, the family of the slain Indian student on Friday visited the spot where he was killed and thanked the British government for its support.

"We have made the journey from India to see the place where Anuj died and take his body back to India. This was a difficult journey to make. When Anuj left India last year he was full of hope. He was our only son. We do not blame the people of city. We only blame the man who took our son away from us," Anuj's father Subhash Bidve said.

Anuj Bidve's parents will return to India with his body on Friday and funeral will be held in Pune on Saturday evening.

Hoping for justice, he said, "We are overwhelmed by the interest of media in UK and India. I have confidence in British justice system. I hope that justice will be brought to Anuj."

Anuj, a postgraduate student of Microelectronics at Lancaster University, was killed in an unprovoked attack from point blank range after a brief conversation on December 26.

A man identified as Kiaran Stapleton, who described himself as 'Psycho Stapleton' in the court, has been charged with the murder.

Talking about his son, Subhash Bidve said, "Anuj was the only son to us, nice and bumble, disciplined, softspoken and brilliant. After seeing him we are all shattered. We want to carry his memory throughout our lives."

"We are going back to Puen with Anuj in a British airways flight. Thinking of conducting funeral tomorrow evening at 8 PM," he added.