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Mar 31, 2010 at 01:01am IST

Big Bang experiment by CERN explained

New Delhi: Imagine a car crash. Two vehicles, way over the speed limit. Smash into each other. Glass, metal and plastic pieces fly out. That's what the big bang experiment is. Only those cars, are now the size of atoms. But is that all?

Gravity, is what makes our world go round. If it moves such huge planets, it must be very powerful, right? But actually, it's much weaker, than even the electricity that powers our bulbs. Nobody knows why. Yet.

The more mass we have, the more gravity we exert. And what gives us all mass? Scientists say it's called a Higgs Boson particle. And that's what they are looking for in the Large Hadron Collider.

If they find it, they will have more proof for a weird theory. That gravity is actually very strong. It's just leaking out through world's dimensions, that we have never seen. That there are parallel universes, peopled perhaps by our own body doubles, who we will never meet.

There's more. Ninety-six per cent of our world is made of anti-matter. Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code" says anti-matter destroys everything it touches. Yet, we're all alive. Why? One part of this experiment manufactures and studies anti-matter, in a lab.

And finally, the temperature inside the tunnel, is 100,000 times higher than the heart of the sun.

Atoms here melt into a plasma - it's neither liquid, nor solid, nor gas. Exactly like they were when the universe was born. How that plasma cooled into our stars and planets, is what scientists want to learn.