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Apr 02, 2009 at 01:39pm IST

MPs attendance in Lok Sabha poor, shows data

New Delhi: The 14th Lok Sabha had only 332 sittings in the five years of its tenure. This figure is lower than any Lok Sabha before it.

Almost a quarter of that time was wasted in disruptions and adjournments.

Even a minute's loss costs the country 26,000 rupees. By that estimate, close to 66 crore rupees were lost due to disturbances in Parliament in the last five years.

Each MP receives 56,000 rupees of tax payer money every month, plus privileges like accommodation, travel, telephone, water, electricity, medical care, and an allowance of Rs 1000 every time they attend Parliament.

But many of them just don't bother to turn up in the Lok Sabha, even during important debates.