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Mar 11, 2013 at 06:53pm IST

Big questions likely to surround probe into Delhi gangrape accused Ram Singh's death

New Delhi: The prime accused in the Delhi gangrape-cum-murder Ram Singh was found hanging in Tihar jail in the early hours of Monday. The probe ordered into his death is now expected to focus on some key questions that are being raised, which include:

1. What kind of kind of carpet was used inside Ram Singh's cell, and if it was possible to tear off a portion from the carpet to be used as a rope?

2. Reports suggest he tied the carpet portion to the grill. Were the iron rods smooth or rough?

3. It is tough to ensure a strong enough grip on a smooth surface and the knot needed to be strong enough carry his weight. How did Ram Singh manage it?

4. How did he manage to tie a knot on his own at a height enough to aid a drop?

5. What support did he use to climb up to ensure a sharp drop causing his death?

6. How did two other inmates inside his cell remain unaware through this entire process?

Jails follow an unwritten and unacknowledged code in which a rape accused or a convict is treated harshly by fellow inmates. Sources have confirmed to CNN-IBN, the five accused in the Delhi braveheart's gangrape-cum-murder were repeatedly teased and taunted by fellow inmates, forcing them to withdraw into a shell.

It raises several questions on why the authorities failed to carry out the suicide watch and ensure commensurate arrangements to prevent any such possibility. Off-record conversation with jail officials throw up more questions on operational specifics, like:

1. Was a sentry supposed to be posted outside the cell where Ram Singh was lodged?

2. If yes, how could this happen in the presence of a sentry. If no sentry was posted, why not?

3. Why wasn't the CCTV sweep aimed to provide visual reference of inside the cell?

4. Despite being aware of the very sensitive nature of the case, why were no special precautions in place?