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Dec 28, 2012 at 12:23pm IST

Bigg Boss 6: Best friends Sana Khan and Aashka Goradia wrestle in the lawn

New Delhi: Best Friends Forever Aashka and Sana did not share a friendly vibe on the show last night. The two, who have been inseparable on the show, were seen wrestling on the ground. Aashka, who is close to Delnaaz and Sana on the show, got miffed with Delnaaz when she was asked her to not pull a prank on Sana.

Aashka told Delnaaz, "I was just pulling a prank on her. You behave as if I don't have a mind of my own." While Delnaaz tried to calm her, Aashka turned a deaf ear to Delnaaz's plea. Later, Rajev also joined in Aashka and asked Delnaaz to not interfere in everyone's business.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss asked the inmates to give out three names for the nomination of captain. Delnaaz and others opted for Rajev, Aashka and Niketan's name for the position of captain. But, Bigg Boss gave his own twist to the nominations and asked Niketan to drop his name and vote for someone else. Niketan voted for his good friend Urvashi for the post of captain. But, this time around Bigg Boss told the inmates that the selection of the captain will be done on the basis of a task.

Bigg Boss 6: Sana and Aashka wrestle in the lawn

The two, who have been inseparable on the show, were seen wrestling on the ground.

While the entire house was bustling with excitement of the task, Aashka continued to give cold shoulder to Delnaaz. She called out for Sana to have lunch with her but she told her that she would come in a few minutes. This angered Aashka and she told Delnaaz, "I am not going to do any more Sana and Delu. Sana and you can go f*** yourselves."

Later in the night, the three nominated inmates were asked to perform a task for the post of captain. During the task, the three inmates had to find their way out through an electrically wired maze. Aashka decided to give up the task and instead Sana stepped into her shoes. Rajev performed the task in 23 seconds and Bigg Boss challenged the rest of the housemates to break the record. Niketan opted to take the challenge and finished the task in straight 17 seconds, becoming the first finalist on the show.

Later, Delnaaz decided to mend ways with Aashka and the two hugged each other. But, Aashka dragged Sana into the same and they both indulged in a friendly wrestling. The two were seen rolling on the ground and the day ended with the Delnaaz, Aashka and Sana coming together yet again.

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