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Oct 11, 2012 at 01:33pm IST

Bigg Boss 6, Day 3: Sana Khan says 'cut the crap and pick up the trash'

New Delhi: Link-ups, catfights and food fights are the basic ingredients of all the season of ‘Bigg Boss’. In case of ‘Bigg Boss 6’, all this has started a little early. Day 3 started with some crazy performances by the housemates on the song ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ from ‘Mohra’. We must say; Urvashi Dholakia can give a tough competition to the sensuous Bollywood item girls.

Kashif Qureshi really admires Karishma Kotak and it is no more a secret. The housemates do not leave a single chance to make fun of them. While Kashif was busy cleaning the house with Sana Khan, captain Niketan Madhok told Karishma that you are losing hold on him. Karishma replied, “Yes I am so jealous. Though I don’t like you, but you have to like me.” When Kashif addressed Karishma as honey, Sana looked pretty irritated and said, “Honey k bunny, cut the crap and pick up trash.” Is it the beginning of a love triangle?

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Sana Khan was also seen flaunting her ‘yeh toh bada toing hai’ ad on the show. She said, “For the posters of that underwear brand, I was dressed in a saree, with no cleavage show. However, many people still had problems with the hoardings and there was a lot of protest against the ads.”

Bigg Boss: Sana Khan says 'cut the crap and pick up the trash'

Sana Khan, Kashif Qureshi and Karishma Kotak

“Apne kyu mara mujhe, ab kaun karega mujhse shaadi,” no it’s not a TV soap dialogue. Sapna surprised Dinesh Lal Yadav when she said this to him. Before he could reply, Sapna started shouting, “Ullu banaya, bada maza aya.” Needless to say, Sapna is the most unpredictable contestant inside the house. Hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani really admirers Sampat Pal, leader of Gulaabi gang.

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Interestingly, yesterday Sapna was seen wearing Sampat’s pink saree as well.

Another highlight of day 3 was the luxury budget meeting. As the housemates did their weekly task with complete dedication, Bigg Boss allotted them a luxury budget of Rs 2500. It is really strange to see celebrities fighting over petty things like coffee, papaya and brown bread. The discussion over luxury budget lead to many disagreements too.

Rajeev Paul was again seen discussing his personal life with Navjot Singh Sidhu. Does he think he is a marriage counsellor? And Rajeev should stop seeking sympathy this way. Delnaaz is expected to talk to him face to face in today’s episode. This is just a beginning; the first three days of season 6 are enough to indicate that we will see some huge fights in near future. Any guesses, from Sapna, Karisma, Dinesh and Aseem, who will be eliminated this week?

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