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Bigg Boss 6: Delnaaz's mother nominates Rajev Paul for eviction

Dec 31, 2012 at 11:37am IST

New Delhi: The makers of the reality show are truly living upto the tagline 'Alag Che'. With only 13 days left for the grand finale, a new twist was added to the show. For the very first time, Bigg Boss invited the family members of the inmates to participate in the nominations process. After a day of casting their votes for the nominations process, the inmates were in for a surprise when Bigg Boss called in parents of the inmates to cast their nominations.

Since Niketan is the captain of the house, the name taken by his mother was directly nominated. While Niketan's mother voted for Imam, Delnaaz's mother targeted her ex son-in-law Rajev Paul. She nominated Rajev for three reasons- for being egoistic, for getting attracted to Sana and for not being able to make a place for himself in the industry. She even revealed that Delnaaz has being repaying the loan for the house.

Later, the family members of the other inmates cast their votes. And on the basis of the inmates' nominations and their family members' nominations, Imam, Urvashi, Sapna and Delnaaz made it to the final list of nominations for evictions this week.

Bigg Boss 6: Delnaaz's mother nominates Rajev Paul

Bigg Boss invited the family members of the inmates to participate in the nominations process.

Rajev was quite upset with Delnaaz's mother and he confronted Delnaaz on the same. He told Delnaaz, "First your brother comes and tarnishes my image and now it's your mother. Even Bakhtiyar did not find work in India and he had to shift base to Dubai. Delnaaz, even you are not a superstar."

He also reprimanded Delnaaz for her family being too interfering in his personal life. He later added, "I am no one to your family now and they have no right to say things about me on the show." Delnaaz turned a deaf ear to Rajev's pleas.

Rajev did not stop at this. Later in the night, he yet again had a word with Delnaaz on her mother's accusations. He later threatened Delnaaz that he would file a case of defamation on her family if they continue to tarnish his image in the public. He told her, "During our divorce, there was a clause that we would not say damaging things about each other in public. But, now your family is not abiding by it."

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