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Nov 29, 2012 at 11:21am IST

Bigg Boss 6: Don't try to play a game with me, Imam Siddiqui warns everybody

New Delhi: Image consultant and choreographer Imam Siddiqui has become the most talked about 'Bigg Boss 6' contestant. Imam was thrown out of the 'Bigg Boss Padosi Ghar' because of his rude behaviour. However, he was brought back soon as he wanted to apologise to the audiences and the housemates as well.

Thanks to his unpredictable behaviour, Imam failed to bond with others. He kept on fighting with Aashka Goradia, Santosh Shukla, Dinesh Lal Yadav and Vrajesh Hirjee over petty issues like cleanliness. It was very evident that Imam came back to teach a lesson to Aashka as he thinks she portrayed him in a bad light.

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After enough warnings and arguments, 'Bigg Boss' finally asked Imam to pack his bags and leave the house again. However, this time he was sent to the main 'Bigg Boss' house. On day 51, Imam made an entry in the house through the confession room. Sana got scared of him as he had covered his face with a Skelton scarf and spoke in a strange voice. The contestants ignored him for long, which was their luxury budget task.

Bigg Boss: Don't try to play a game with me, says Imam

Imam Siddiqui

Finally, 'Bigg Boss' introduced Imam as the new wild card contestant. People like Mink and Delnaaz who knew Imam were happy to see him in the house. Sapna Bhavnani was most excited with Imam's entry and they were seen jumping around like kids. Imam told everybody. "I am here to play a game. If you are my friend, but I think you can be a competitor, I will nominate you. I am here to win as I deserve Rs 50 lakh after so many years of experience in the industry."

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As he has seen all the episodes already, Imam knows all the contestants pretty well. In the upcoming episodes he will be seen fighting with Vishal, Niketan and Rajeev. On the other hand, contestants like Karishma Kotak are a bit scared of his attitude. Vishal is very sure that his friendship with Sapna will not last very long and within ten days all his enthusiasm will come down.

Surprisingly, Imam was seen having a great time with Sana, Sapna and Delnaaz in the house. Sapna told him that they are very like-minded and she is expecting to have a great time with him. Let's wait and watch for how long the trouble maker Imam can continue to be nice with others.

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