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Nov 28, 2012 at 11:24am IST

Bigg Boss 6: I am a drama queen, says Imam Siddiqui

New Delhi: Image consultant and choreographer Imam Siddiqui re-entered the 'Bigg Boss Padosi Ghar' last week. He was thrown out of the show because of his uncontrollable behaviour. He came back on 'Bigg Boss' to mend his image and apologise to everybody. However, he couldn't be nice to other people for very long. As being reported, Imam has been asked to leave the mud house and he will go to the main 'Bigg Boss' house.

On day 50, Imam told Aashka to take out her personal stuff from the bathroom and clean it. Vrajesh Hirjee, Santosh Shukla and Dinesh Lal Yadav scolded him for behaving so rudely with Aashka. All of them requested 'Bigg Boss' to throw out Imam again. However, the 'Bigg Boss' team really want to give him a fair chance and asked other housemates to be a little patient with him. Imam again wore a strange scarf on his face and was seen provoking other people to take up a fight with him.

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He said that Dinesh looks like an auto driver and he doesn't even give appointment to such people in the outside world. Imam wanted to lock the door and change clothes with Aashka inside the house. Vrajesh also lost his cool finally and was seen fighting with him on day 50 over hygiene issues. Imam told Aashka that she has become a big laughing stock in the outside world. This is pretty evident that Imam has come back to irritate people who got him out of the show.

Bigg Boss 6: I am a drama queen, says Imam

Dinesh and Imam

On the other hand, contestants in the main 'Bigg Boss' house lost another luxury task because of Vishal Karwal. The contestants were divided into two teams this week i.e. angels and devils. Angel Vishal was very unhappy how devil Sapna Bhavnani behaved with him and decided to quit the task. He said, "To hell with the luxury budget, I am not a part of this anymore."

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On day 51, stand-up comedian Bharti Singh and Imam will enter the house. Bharti will just make a guest appearance on the show while Imam will stay on. We can expect a blast in the 'Bigg Boss' house with Imam around. Do you think Imam will be able to stay on the show for long?

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