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Jan 05, 2013 at 12:02pm IST

Bigg Boss 6: I did not kiss Sana Khan, says Rajev Paul

New Delhi: The makers of the reality show are truly keeping up to the tagline 'Alag Che'. After making many celebrities enter the house, Bigg Boss surprised the inmates with the presence of media in the house. For the first time in the history of 'Bigg Boss', the media was made to enter the house.

Out of the seven contestants, it was the love triangle between Sana, Rajev and Delnaaz that intrigued everyone the most. When a media person questioned Rajev about getting close to Sana in presence of his wife, Rajev retorted, "Ex-wife. I am a divorced man now." He later clarified that Sana and he are just good friends and there is nothing more to it.

Rajev later added, "If there is anything between Sana and me, then I would come out and accept the relation. I am not afraid of anyone. But, I would like to clarify that there is nothing between us. We are just very good friends."

Bigg Boss 6: I did not kiss Sana, says Rajev

For the first time in the history of 'Bigg Boss', the media was made to enter the house.

The reporters did not stop at this. They further went onto inquire about the kiss that was apparently shared between Sana and Rajev on the show. Both the inmates were surprised to hear about the kiss. Rajev told the media that they did not share any kiss on the show. "I did not kiss Sana. It might have been a peck on the cheek and I don't know how it was shown outside. We never kissed each other."

With Rajev's ex-wife Delnaaz sitting next to him, the reporters later posed the question to her about her ex-husband's flirting ways on the show. Delnaaz clarified that she has learnt to be cordial with him and she would be happy if he moves on. "I don't have a problem if Rajev wants to move on with Sana or any other girl. I would be happy for him," Delnaaz added.

After the press conference, Sana confided in Delnaaz and Rajev that she is hurt with the way she is being projected outside the house. Sana accused Niketan of starting with these jokes about Rajev and her in the house. She even clarified to Delnaaz that there is nothing between Rajev and her.

Later in the show, Sapna Bhavnani became the latest victim of eviction. The hairstylist, who has been nominated many a times, had survived many evictions. But, with the race for top six finalists, Sapna somewhere felt weak and was eliminated from the house. With just a week left for the finale, Salman Khan also told the inmates to be prepared for some new twists in the coming week.

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