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Nov 23, 2012 at 11:40am IST

Bigg Boss 6: I have never won anything in life, says Karishma Kotak

New Delhi: Model Karishma Kotak who stepped out of the house after her father's demise made a re-entry in 'Bigg Boss 6' last week. To be safe from eviction, Karishma Kotak was really keen on becoming the captain. Interestingly, Niketan Madhok who gave her the idea also suggested his name for the captaincy election. He didn't get even a single vote. Six contestants chose Karishma over Niketan and Delnaaz Irani for captaincy this week.

Though Mink Brar voted for Karishma, but she thinks Karishma is mentally week and it will be fun to see her inefficiency as a captain. After Bigg Boss announced the results, she said, "I have never won anything in life. I hope my mother and brother will be happy with this."

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Varjesh Hirjee, who is Delnaaz's close friend, didn't vote for her yesterday. Rajeev Paul and Vishal Karwal were seen discussing about the same on day 47. They claim that Vrajesh has no principles and self respect.

Bigg Boss: I have never won anything, says Karishma

Karishma Kotak

While people in the Bigg Biss house were busy with the captaincy election on day 47, contestants in the adjacent rural house welcomed two more celebrities. The shortest woman in the world Jyoti Amge and TV actor Santosh Shukla have entered the house. Santosh told Aashka that after Imam's episode her image has changed. On the other hand, he told Dinesh Lal Yadav that he should have acted more strongly in the situation.

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Santosh Shukla also talks a lot about himself; we hope he doesn't turn out to another Imam Siddiqui. It seems he has a soft corner for Aashka Goradia. In the next episode he will be seen confessing on the camera that the girl is really sweet, but unfortunately she is engaged.

While Niketan-Karishma and Vishal-Sana are only seen fighting on the show, let's see how Santosh tries to woo Aashka. Meanwhile, Sapna Bhavnani, Mink Brar, Rajeev Paul and Vrajesh Hirjee have been nominated for eviction this week. Who do you think will go home now?

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