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Jan 11, 2013 at 02:34pm IST

Bigg Boss 6: Imam turns 'Mr India', fights with Urvashi, Niketan

New Delhi: With just two days left for the finale, Bigg Boss is keeping the inmates busy with various twists and turns. After the late night eviction of Delnaaz from the house, Bigg Boss introduced a new task for the inmates. The inmates were asked to choose an inmate that they would not want to talk for a day. Where Urvashi chose Rajev and Niketan chose Urvashi, Rajev and Sana opted for Imam. With two votes, Bigg Boss told the inmates that for a day Imam will turn 'Mr India'.

Imam would be invisible for the inmates and no matter what he does; the inmates can't react to his behaviour. Bigg Boss also warned the inmates that there would be no physical proximity during the task.

In order to make the task interesting, Imam took out the suitcases of all the inmates and kept them in the bathroom. And, abiding by the task, the inmates did not utter a word.

Bigg Boss 6: Niketan gets into a scuffle with Imam

Bigg Boss also warned the inmates that there would be no physical proximity during the task.

But, things took an ugly turn when Imam entered into Niketan's room and started to take out his belongings. To this Niketan objected and he pushed Imam and warned him to not touch his personal belongings. Imam told Niketan that he is not supposed to touch him and take the task in a good spirit. But, Niketan was too infuriated and continued to reprimand Imam.

Bigg Boss later called Imam and Niketan to the confession room and reprimanded both for misbehaving in the task. Where Niketan apologised to Bigg Boss, Imam left the confession room telling Bigg Boss that he is not at fault.

Later in the day, the inmates continued to not talk to Imam. He also continued with his task and seeing all the inmates sitting in the garden area, he jammed the main entry to the house. He kept his belongings in front of the door to irk the inmates.

While the other inmates did not react, Urvashi told the others that she is thirsty and wants to go inside. Later, Bigg Boss announced that the task is over and asked Imam to clear the entry to the house.

But, Urvashi was miffed that Imam is consciously taking too much time to clear the area. And, she had an outburst. She told Imam that he is a loser and she has had enough of him.

Later, Imam tried to patch up with Urvashi but she turned a deaf ear to him.