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Dec 20, 2012 at 03:43pm IST

Bigg Boss 6: Are Aashka Goradia and Sana Khan best friends forever?

New Delhi: Aashka, who has been raving about her boyfriend on the show, has another side to her. The television actress has been often spotted getting very close to Sana in the show. Their closeness has become a butt of joke on the show and even Bigg Boss couldn't stop himself from pulling their leg during a task. Bigg Boss yesterday made Aashka go through LVA (Layered voice analysis) test for a reality check.

During the test, Aashka was asked if she has ever been attracted to any woman. While Aashka said a 'no', the red lights went on representing that she is telling a lie. The entire house burst into laughter as they all are aware of Aashka and Sana's closeness. Even a few days back, Bigg Boss made Urvashi and Karishma perform a puppet show on Sana and Aashka's closeness. The puppets playing their characters were seen hugging and kissing.

The two have often been getting cosy in the house. Even a few days back, Santosh and Vishal were seen making the fun of the two ladies saying that they are sending the wrong signals outside. But, it seems the two ladies are unperturbed by the constant speculations.

Bigg Boss 6: Are Aashka and Sana best friends forever?

The television actress has been often spotted getting very close to Sana in the show.

While Aashka has denied getting closer to any women, Rajev went onto openly accept that he has been attracted to Sana and he has said wrong things about Vishal to Sana. It's not just Rajev who spilled out beans during the task; even Niketan went onto reveal that Karishma doesn't deserve to win the show. He further said that Karishma makes friends to grind her own axe.

Where LVA test revealed many facts to the inmates, confrontation task for Imam made the image consultant cry his heart out. Bigg Boss asked the inmates to assemble in the living area and asked all the inmates to put forth their issues with Imam.

Imam did apologise to a few inmates for his behaviour but then he decided to remain silent after harsh comments were made by Rajev, Karishma and Sapna. Later, Imam hugged a few inmates and sobbed.

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