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Dec 25, 2012 at 01:02pm IST

Bigg Boss 6: Is Rajev Paul the most abusive contestant on the show?

New Delhi: Rajev Paul, who has been quite popular on the show for his flirtatious ways with the girls in the house, is now beginning to give a sneak peek into a different side of him. Since a past few weeks, Rajev has been getting into unnecessary arguments with the housemates. But his main target seems to be none other than Imam Siddiqui.

Imam, who has often received the wrath of the other inmates for his wrongdoings, has been at loggerheads with Rajev. On the 78th day, Imam was reprimanded by the inmates for eating half of the cake that Bipasha Basu had brought for the entire house. Within a few minutes of eating the cake, the entire house ganged up against Imam accusing him of eating their share. Urvashi, who has often been cordial with Imam, had an outburst and the two had an argument.

Later in the day, Rajev entered into an argument with Imam over the luxury task. Bigg Boss gave the inmates a task of washing clothes for availing the house supplies that have been cut off. Rajev unnecessarily attacked Imam for not helping in the task. Rajev did not stop here and instigated Imam. The two had a heated argument and Sapna joined in to corner Imam.

Bigg Boss 6: Is Rajev the most abusive contestant?

Rajev's main target seems to be none other than Imam Siddiqui.

In the earlier episode, Salman had reprimanded Rajev for tarnishing Imam's image on the show. But, yesterday Rajev talked into mike saying, "Salman Bhai, this is real Imam. I'm not instigating him still he is behaving odd."

After having a face off with Imam, Rajev later entered into an argument with Niketan over the task. Rajev was irritated by the fact that Niketan was giving him instructions on performing the task correct. Rajev's behaviour irked Niketan and he told the other inmates that the way Rajev is losing his temper every now and then; he would soon get secluded in the house.

Rajev has often entered into arguments with Imam and Delnaaz in the show and he is often seen losing the plot.

Later in the night, Sana confided into Delnaaz that she thinks that Imam is not a bad guy. And, she thinks that everyone is ganging up against him.

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