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Oct 10, 2012 at 11:17pm IST

Bigg Boss 6 Live Blog: Common man Kashif calls Karishma 'honey'

New Delhi: On Day 3 of Bigg Boss, the common man Kashif Qureshi called the model Karishma Kotak 'honey'. It seems as if we he is trying his best to flirt with Karishma. It happened when Sana, Karishma and Kashif were cleaning and sweeping the floor. Sana got irritated and told Kashif to stop with the 'honey bunny' and to just cut the crap and collect the trash.

On Day 2 also, Kashif addressed Karishma as a 'fresh fruit in the garden of Eden'. Kashif is looking at every opportunity to get cozy with Karishma, while Karishma has made it clear on the show that she does not want her named to be linked up with this aam aadmi. Get latest updates and gossips of the Bigg Boss 6 here.