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Oct 17, 2012 at 12:08am IST

Bigg Boss 6 Live Blog: Delnaaz hits on Aseem Trivedi

New Delhi: On Day 9 of Bigg Boss 6, Aseem, Delnaaz, Khasif and Vrijesh were having lunch together and Delnaaz started flirting with Assem. Vrijesh also joined in and started teasing Aseem and Delnaaz. A sporting Delnaaz played along but Aseem started blushing and smiling like a child.

Besides, Bigg Boss appointed Vrajesh, the captain, as 'Chota Boss', and gave him the power of assigning any housemate any kind of spontaneous task he wants at any point of time. After giving the whole house certain tasks, he gave Sayantani and Delnaaz a task and himself got involved in the task assigned to them. Both Delnaaz and Sayatani had to express their love for Aseem; they asked Aseem to accept anyone. The ladies performed brilliantly as they managed to fool the gullible Aseem Trivedi. Aseem ka popat ho gaya. Get the latest news and gossips about Bigg Boss 6 here.