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Nov 27, 2012 at 12:18pm IST

Bigg Boss 6: Make me your standby boyfriend, Santosh tells Aashka

New Delhi: With many love stories evolving and taking their own shape in the Bigg Boss house, another inmate has been hit by the cupid. Santosh, who recently has entered the rural house, has found his love interest in Aashka Goradia. The actor has often been spotted flirting with Aashka on the show, so much so, that he once jumped into the house well asking Aashka to make him her standby boyfriend.

The flirting did not stop here; Santosh was yet again seen in last episode making advances towards Aashka. He told her, "My entire concentration is on you." However, Aashka turned him down by saying that "you are no more my standby boyfriend."

While light-hearted romance is finding its foot in the rural house, on the other hand Imam Siddiqui is still busy convincing the inmates that he is not a maniac and has returned to the show just to apologise.. Imam, who was thrown out of the house following his tantrums a few weeks back, has returned to the rural house. Imam is quite upset with the way he was projected on the show and wants to change it all for his inmates and audience. He was also seen discussing the same with inmate Dinesh Yadav, who later asked Imam to let it go and just rework on his image.

Bigg Boss 6: Santosh flirts with Aashka

With many love stories evolving in the Bigg Boss house, another inmate has been hit by the cupid.

While the things in the rural house moved at its own pace, the contestants in the main house were seen discussing the nominations. However, Bigg Boss yet again added a new twist by asking Karishma Kotak to nominate any five names for the nomination process. With Delnaaz Irani, Vishal Karwal, Sana Khan, Rajev Paul, Urvashi Dholakia being nominated by Karishma, Bigg Boss asked the other contestants to cast a vote against these five names only.

Later, the main house inmates were assigned the luxury budget task wherein the inmates were divided into Angels and Demons and were asked to act on their basic characteristics. The task later turned into an ugly spat between Vishal and Niketan, as the latter spilled water on Vishal.

The temperatures even went up in the rural house when Aashka got into an argument with Iman yet again over Jyoti’s refusal to sing along with Imam. However, later Santosh told Aashka to stay away from Imam and not involve herself with him.

With the new twists and turns happening every week, it would be interesting to see what the new week has in store for the inmates.