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Oct 10, 2012 at 01:32pm IST

Bigg Boss 6: Meet Kashif Qureshi, the biggest attention-seeker

New Delhi: “You look like a fresh fruit from the garden of Eden today,” Kashif Qureshi told model Karishma Kotak on their second day inside the ‘Bigg Boss 6’ house. Kashif from Hyderabad is the only non-celebrity member on the show. He has a soft corner for Karishma and while supporting her, he got into an argument with Sapna Bhavnani on the very first day. This time again, Sapna was seen making fun of him after he used this cheeky pick-up line for Karishma.

It seems, Kashif has seen all the previous seasons of ‘Bigg Boss’ and is trying hard to grab everybody’s attention. Be it flirting with the female contestants, flaunting his fitness regime or simply getting into a fight, Kashif will do anything for TRPs. After Sapna, he got into an argument with TV actress Urvashi Dholakia on day 2.

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For the weekly task, Kashif was asked to dress up like a clown and entertain Urvashi Dholakia and Sayantani Ghosh. Interestingly, Kashif straight away said no to behave like a joker as he thinks he is a hero. He also told Urvashi that though she is a star, but she should not underestimate the ‘aam admi’. Joke of the day, Urvashi a star, really? Urvashi seems very close to her TV vamp avatar in real life too. She didn’t like Kashif’s unnecessary protest and walked away.

Bigg Boss 6: Meet Kashif, the biggest attention-seeker

Karishma and Kashif

Because of his strange behaviour, Kashif often becomes a butt of jokes in the house. It seems, he will be a common name in nominations process next week. As he is not a celebrity, do you think it will be difficult for him to get enough votes to survive on the show?

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Another attraction of day 2 was Navjot Singh Sidhu’s love guru avatar. He is determined to re-unite Delnaaz and Rajeev who parted ways three months back. Rajeev told him that he will do anything to be with her again, while Delnaaz has already moved on. She told Sidhu that she has no emotions left for him and he is as good as any other contestant for her now. The participants were also seen enjoying captain Niketan Madhok’s birthday party yesterday.

Meanwhile, Karishma Kotak, Sapna Bhavnani, Aseem Trivedi and Dinesh Lal Yadav are nominated for eviction this week.