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Dec 08, 2012 at 11:42am IST

Bigg Boss 6: Mink Brar and Vrajesh Hirjee evicted, no more comebacks now

New Delhi: Actor Vrajesh Hirjee, who was sent to the 'Padosi house' after his last eviction, had to leave the show with actress Mink Brar as they got the least public votes this week. It seems Bakhtiyar Irani's special comments have really affected Rajeev's fan following as he was in the bottom three this time.

While Vrajesh was a part of the show from day one, Mink entered the house as a wild card contestant almost a month ago. All the contestants were nominated for eviction this week. While leaving the house Vrajesh said, "Friends I am leaving all the grudges here." Apart from her close bond with model Niketan Madhok and a few mean comments, Mink didn't add any masala to the show.

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Meanwhile, Sapna Bhavnani has become the new captain of the house. She has coloured her hair red and she is looking really cool. Interestingly, Salman Khan told Imam Siddiqui that people like what he is doing on the show. He got enough public votes to save him this week atleast. Let us remind you, he is the same man who was thrown out of the 'Padosi house' after he threatened to strip. When Delnaaz's brother Bakhtiyar entered the house, he told Imam, "Here is my entertainer, just be a little strong."

Bigg Boss 6: Mink Brar and Vrajesh Hirjee evicted

Mink Brar

Another highlight of the episode was Delnaaz Irani's argument with her ex husband Rajeev Paul. Salman provoked them enough to talk about their split, but Delnaaz didn't say much. Delnaaz claimed that before their divorce, Rajeev just came to her four times in two years. She had nothing to say when Salman asked her how many times she made an effort to talk to Rajeev. Bakhtiyar was a part of 'Bigg Boss 3'. Rajeev said, "While Bakhtiyar was on the show, he jumped in the swimming pool with Caludia. And let me remind you, he is a married man. Everybody has seen how he behaved on the show. So he has no right to point a finger at me."

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Salman Khan couldn't tolerate the argument for very long and suggested them not to fight in front of him atleast. Interestingly, Urvashi preferred not to say anything about Bakhtiyar. Towards the end of the show Salman Khan announced that the eliminated contestants will just be seen in finale now, so no more comebacks.