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Nov 22, 2012 at 04:14pm IST

Bigg Boss 6: My 'friend' Sana disappointed me, says Vishal Karwal

New Delhi: Vishal Karwal, who has been a part of reality shows like 'Roadies' and 'Splitsvilla' in past, has come well prepared for the show. Sana Khan, who is rumoured to be Vishal Karwal's girlfriend, is little upset with him as he doesn't spend much time with her. He is often seen talking to Mink Brar and Karishma Kotak in the house. Even Vishal is a little disappointed with Sana's behaviour, his so called good friend.

On day 45, Vishal was seen telling Karishma that she is so nice to everybody in the house and other housemates have no plans of nominating her this week. He also assured her that if she is even nominated by the other contestants, her fans will save her. He was trying to convince her to let him become the captain this week. To win her confidence he added, "I like Sana, but she failed to meet my expectations. I thought as I already know her, she will give me more attention. However, that didn’t really happen." He also asked Karishma to save him from nominations, if she becomes a captain.

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On the other hand, even Sana is not too happy with Karishma's re-entry. They were really good friends initially, but things changed soon. Sana told Delnaaz, "If I was at her place, I would not have come back. This is not a place to divert your mind. She never made an effort to be friends with others earlier, but now she suddenly likes everybody. Dude, I am born at night, but not last night."

Bigg Boss: Sana disappointed me, says Vishal Karwal

Karishma Kotak and Vishal Karwal

Sana looked really angry when she saw Vishal and Karishma lying on the same bed and engaged in an intense conversation. Rajeev Paul also asked her to wait for a few days and see how her friend (read Vishal) changes sides.

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Model Niketan Madhok, who was in a relationship with Karishma Kotak, still has a soft corner for her. He also knows how Vishal is trying to woo Karishma, but Niketan suggested her to ignore his suggestion and contest captaincy elections this week. It seems, if Vishal fails to become a captain this week, he will have a lot of votes against him.

Interestingly, when Bigg Boss asked everybody to nominate a person who didn't contribute much during the weekly task, everybody voted for Vishal and Karishma. However, Vishal said spare Karishma and give his name. At the end of the day, Bigg Boss took Vishal and Karishma to a shopping mall in Navi Mumbai. They were given two minutes to complete their shopping.

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On day 45, Sapna Bhavnani was also seen talking to the cameras. She admitted that she still misses Aseem Trivedi. This week, Sapna Bhavnani, Mink Brar, Rajeev Paul and Vrajesh Hirjee have been nominated for eviction.

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