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Oct 25, 2012 at 04:46pm IST

Bigg Boss 6: Niketan, Karishma's relationship status, it's complicated

New Delhi: While everybody knows that TV actors Rajeev Paul and Delnaaz Irani parted ways legally a few months back, very few know that models Niketan Madhok and Karishma Kotak were also a couple. ‘Bigg Boss 5’ contestant Pooja Bedi revealed the same on Twitter lately. While talking to Navjot Singh Sidhu last week, Urvashi Dholakia said that Niketan and Karishma know each other from long and there might be something else as well.

Niketan and Karishma are often seen together inside the Bigg Boss house. She even broke down once in front of Niketan while talking about her father, who is not keeping well. On day 17 finally both of them were seen talking about their relationship. Niketan said, “Karishma you are a nice person, but you should not lie. There are two things that you lied about. One you told me that you saved me from nomination and second you told everybody that we have broken up.”

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Karishma looked puzzled when Niketan said all this to her. She simply replied, “It’s complicated, I want to sort out everything after we are out of the Bigg Boss house.” While there are bleak chances of Rajeev and Delnaaz heading towards a patch up, another couple is grabbing eyeballs.

Bigg Boss 6: Niketan, Karishma, are they still a couple?

Niketan and Karishma

Bigg Boss stopped water supply inside the house after the contestants failed to complete their luxury budget task. All of them apologised many times to Bigg Boss and the water supply was finally resumed on day 17.

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Vrajesh Hirjee’s stint as a captain is already over. On day 17, Bigg Boss asked Urvashi to individually discuss the name of two possible captaincy candidates with the housemates and tell him. Most of the people either want Delnaaz or Sidhu to be the captain. Let’s see what happens next.

After several requests from the housemates, Bigg Boss finally organised a dandiya night inside the house. Except Rajeev, all the housemates were seen having a blast. Rajeev again had an argument with Aashka and Urvashi before the dandiya began. However, Aashka apologised to him later and they decided to forget and move on. This week, Rajeev Paul, Urvashi Dholakia and Sayantani Ghosh have been nominated for eviction by the housemates.

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