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Bigg Boss 6: No one deserves to win the show, says Delnaaz Irani

Dec 11, 2012 at 03:23pm IST

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New Delhi: Delnaaz Irani, who has always kept a calm approach on the reality show, finally had an emotional outburst after an argument with Urvashi Dholakia. Under the secret task, Hear in, Urvashi was asked by Bigg Boss to talk out things with Delnaaz about Bakhtiyar issue. Bakhtiyar had entered the Bigg Boss house a few days ago and warned Urvashi to not get personal with his sister Delnaaz.

Taking up the same issue, Urvashi told Delnaaz that Bakhtiyar had no business to talk to her like that in front of 11 members. While Delnaaz kept on listening to Urvashi's rant for quite sometime, the former had an outburst. She told Urvashi, "If you have a problem with Bakhtiyar, go talk to him."

Delnaaz, who has never entered into an argument on the show, decided to go otherwise this time around. She blasted at Urvashi for being nasty for no rhyme or reason. She later told Aashka, Rajev, Sapna and Sana that she has never opened her mouth in the show but now she does not intend to do the same anymore.

Bigg Boss: Delnaaz enters into a spat with Urvashi

Delnaaz, who has never entered into an argument on the show, decided to go otherwise this time around.

"I don't argue with people because I am like that. My father has instilled such values in me. And, if I get out of this house, no person in this house deserves to win the show," Delnaaz added.

Delnaaz also accused Urvashi of stealing her friends in the show. She told Urvashi that she has slowly and steadily turned her friends against her. But, Urvashi did not pay any heed and expected an apology from Delnaaz on behalf of her brother.

Later, Rajev went to Delnaaz to calm her down and tell her that he has no problem with her. But, Delnaaz turned a deaf ear to her ex-husband.

With equations changing everyday on the show, it would be interesting to see what will happen next.

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