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Jan 07, 2013 at 11:47am IST

Bigg Boss 6: One week to finale, Is Delnaz, Urvashi and Rajev's violent outburst against Imam staged?

New Delhi: With just six days left for the finale of the show, the makers are desperately trying to add some more 'masala' to the show with the constant twists. Only a day after Sapna's eviction, Salman Khan entered the Bigg Boss house to lure the remaining contestants. Salman brought with him a case containing Rs 20 lakh and told the contestants that any one of them can take this amount and quit the show. They were given a night to discuss and make the decision.

While Sana and Rajev were quite tempted to pick up the bag; Urvashi, Imam and Delnaaz were quite unperturbed by the case's presence. Rajev told Sana that the money is quite huge and he is tempted to pick up the case. But, Sana on the other hand, told Rajev that she doesn't want this money and in fact, it doesn't matter if she wins or loses. But, she wants to see herself in the top three.

Despite much temptation, the inmates did not give in and the bag was left untouched. In the morning, Bigg Boss asked Niketan to put the case back in the store room. With no task given to the inmates, Delnaaz, Sana, Rajev and Urvashi were spotted sleeping during the day in the house.

Bigg Boss 6: Is Urvashi's outburst against Imam staged?

Rajev and Imam yet again had a verbal spat over their difference of opinion.

Bigg Boss punished the inmates by asking Niketan to choose any two names who won't sleep during the night and sit in the garden area. Niketan took Rajev and Delnaaz's name. The inmates were infuriated at Bigg Boss's punishment and told him that many contestants have slept during the day in the past, but no action was taken against them. Rajev told Bigg Boss that Imam makes so much noise in the wee hours of the morning that it becomes difficult to sleep. The argument did not stop at this. Rajev and Imam yet again had a verbal spat over their difference of opinion.

Later, Urvashi got miffed with Imam for making fun of her surname. She reprimanded Imam and refused to wear the mike unless Imam apologises to her. Rajev too entered into the argument and told Bigg Boss that even he seeks an apology from Imam for his behaviour and constant insults.

Though, Imam kept his cool throughout the episode, the other contestants didn't leave any chance to corner him. Even Delnaaz had an outburst over the matter. She said that it is unfair that only two people are getting punished for sleeping during the day.

Urvashi, Delnaaz, Sana and Rajev ganged up against Imam. Though, Imam sorted out the issues with Urvashi later, Rajev, Sana and Delnaaz continued giving him a cold shoulder. With just few days left, it seems the contestants are getting into spats just to grab the eyeballs.

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