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Jan 06, 2013 at 01:12am IST

Bigg Boss 6: Salman Khan is a male chauvinist, says Sapna Bhavnani

New Delhi: Sapna Bhavnani, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss house on Friday, said in an interview with IBNLive that Salman Khan is a male chauvinist, adding he is not God, in fact he is another human being like us.

Sapna was disappointed with the way Salman hosted the show. Sapna said, "Salman is a sexist and he encouraged acts of male contestants like Rajev, Vishal and Santosh Shukla, which (as a host) he should have condemned." She also added, many times during the show, he was seen talking rudely to women especially, Aashka and Delnaaz.

When all issues, from minor to major, are raised on Friday by Salman, then why the most abusive fight that took place between Imam and Rajev was left untouched by Salman? When asked Sapan about her opinion on the same, Sapna said that Salman should have raised that issue, but he skipped. He neither talked about the fight, nor he asked Rajev to apologise for his abusive words. And that is why I call him a male chauvinist.

Bigg Boss 6: Salman Khan is a male chauvinist, says Sapna Bhavnani

Sapna Bhavnani calls Sana Khan a bimbo, and wants Niketan Madhok to win the show.

Talking about Rajev Paul, one of the most controversial housemates, Sapna said he is a stupid person who does not know the difference between a castrated person and a gay man. Sapna criticised Rajev's opinion about women, referring to Rajev's statement that 40 plus women have less or no options. She added, he does not even know how to talk to women. Sapna picked Rajev apart for his behaviour towards Delnaaz inside the house - Rajev's behaviour towards Delnaaz was disrespectful.

When asked that in the recent past you were seen having friendly relations with Rajev, she said, "Rajev was never my friend and I just tried to cool him down during the show so as to avoid fights inside the house." Sapna was so miffed with Rajev that she wants the Mumbai Hijrah community, LGBT community, and the 40+ women community to come forward, beat him up, and teach him a lesson. She said, "And I will join them."

Sapna did not like the outcome of the show. The show is totally Bulls**t, said Sapna.

"The show is not at all meaningful. I had come to raise my voice to create awareness about social issues, but all in vain." When asked that viewers did not see you raising your voice anytime, she said I really do not know what was broadcast. She explained, "Once Bigg Boss allowed me to address the issue my way on the show. While I was preparing, we were given the Chippko task. I got totally annoyed and decided not to raise my voice here as it is not the right platform, as the voice here will go unheard," This show is all about entertainment, added Sapna.

When asked who do you think should win the show, Sapna said, Niketan should come out as the winner. If we ignore the hidden bitchiness in him, Niketan co-existed with everyone, and he hardly had any fights and spats with anyone in the house.

Sapna called Sana a bimbo who always wanted attention as she had nothing else to do inside the house, and Delnaaz "Mother India."

Sapna concluded that she never wanted to be among the finalists, in fact she wanted to be in the zone where Aseem, Dinesh and Sampat are, and she is happy as she is not a finalist like them.

"I never watched Bigg Boss before entering the house," said Sapna.

Sapna plans to visit Delhi soon to meet Assem bhaiya (Aseem Trivedi, her co-contestant on the show).

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