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Dec 24, 2012 at 11:39am IST

Bigg Boss 6: Urvashi, Delnaaz emerge as the strongest contestants to win the show

New Delhi: Bigg Boss yet again gave his own twist to the nominations procedure in the show. This time around the inmates were asked to give any three names who they think deserve to win the show. With Imam Siddiqui being the captain of the house, the other eight inmates were asked to cast their votes in the confession room.

This time around Bigg Boss also gave liberty to the inmates to recommend their own names for the most deserving contestant to win the show. While Urvashi and Delnaaz topped the list with seven votes, no votes were cast for Sapna. Most of the inmates voted for Urvashi's strong character while others admired Delnaaz's desire to win the show.

However, Bigg Boss asked all the inmates to not discuss the nominations in the house. With most of the votes cast in favour of Urvashi, Delnaaz, Rajev and Niketan, the women of the house came under the radar of nominations. Sapna, Karishma, Sana and Aashka have been nominated for next eviction.

Urvashi, Delnaaz are the strongest contestants in 'Bigg Boss'

While Urvashi and Delnaaz topped the list with seven votes, no votes were cast for Sapna.

It was not just the twist in the nominations that made the last episode exciting, Bigg Boss decided to make the Christmas week special for the inmates by sending in Salman Khan to the house. The host surprised the inmates by his sudden visit. It is for the first time in this season that Salman went inside the house to meet the inmates. The contestants were given the task of playing statue when the actor entered the house.

Initially, they couldn't interact with Salman due to their task but Sana could not control herself and went onto hug the actor. The other inmates followed her and were excited to see Salman in the house.

Sapna, who has not been too cordial with the host on the show and has often entered into an argument with him, showed Salman around the house. Though, the actor did not ignore her but he maintained his distance from her.

It was not just his visit that came as a surprise to the inmates; Salman also got messages for the inmates from their family members. While most of the inmates were happy to hear out the messages, Aashka could not recognise her mother's voice in the message and later her mother was send in the house. Later, Imam apologised to Aashka's mother for his behaviour on the show.

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