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Jan 12, 2013 at 05:41pm IST

Bigg Boss 6: Urvashi, Rajev, Niketan vent against Imam

New Delhi: Imam, who has been the target of the inmates since a few days in the house, was yet again corned in the new task. On day 96, Bigg Boss gave the inmates a task to vent out their anger. A puppet was hung in the garden area and the face masks of the remaining inmates were provided to them. The inmates did not touch anyone's face mask except for Imam.

Rajev began the process by hitting the puppet with a rod and venting out his anger against Imam. Later, Niketan tied a pair of shoes around the puppet's neck telling Imam that this is the best accessory for him. Even the politically correct Sana could not stop herself, she said that she was really good with Imam throughout the show but his behaviour with the inmates just disgusts her.

But, the most infuriated seemed Urvashi. She beat the puppet with shoes telling Imam that he needs to learn to respect women. If he thinks that she is like her sister then Imam should treat her like that.

Bigg Boss 6: Urvashi vents against Imam

On day 96, Bigg Boss gave the inmates a task to vent out their anger.

After the 'bhadas' task, Bigg Boss tried to lighten up the atmosphere of the home with another task 'Nahi'. Under the task, the inmates were asked to say a 'nahi' for everything that they will be asked to do. Sana was locked in the store room and when Bigg Boss asked that she would want to move out of the store room, she said a 'No'. The task was entertaining as the inmates had a good time. Bigg Boss even asked Rajev, Niketan, Sana and Imam to get into the pool at night.

Later, the inmates were caught unaware when Salman Khan entered the house to evict a contestant. Salman told the inmates that Rajev and Imam have the lowest votes. Salman took Imam to the confession room saying that he has been evicted from the house. While the rest of the inmates rejoiced at becoming safe, Salman gave his own twist and told Imam that he is safe and it is Rajev who will be evicted tonight.

Later, Salman yet again came into the house to take Rajev along with him. With another inmate ousted, the grand finale will see the final showdown between Imam, Urvashi, Sana and Niketan.

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