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Dec 18, 2012 at 03:27pm IST

Bigg Boss 6: Will Rajev Paul and Delnaaz Irani get back together?

New Delhi: The reality show has seen many friendships turning into something more concrete in almost all the seasons and this time around the same seems to be expected from the divorced couple Delnaaz Irani and Rajev Paul. The two decided to make an entry into Bigg Boss house and since Day 1, the speculation surrounding their relationship is doing the rounds. Within a few days of entering the house, Rajev started to get over friendly with Delnaaz against her wishes. Despite their legal separation that took place a few months before them entering into the reality show, Rajev questioned Delnaaz's closeness to cartoonist Aseem Trivedi during the initial days in the house.

However, Delnaaz, on the other hand, maintained that Rajev never misses a chance to flirt with any girl in the house. But, things did not stop here. There might have been arguments between the estranged couple on the show, but at times the two have stood for each other.

Rajev, who maintains on the show that he still cares for Delnaaz, has never voted against his ex-wife. And, during most of the arguments in the house, Rajev has always come to the rescue of Delnaaz. But, what seems to be an interesting angle to their story is the fact that Delnaaz has always maintained that Rajev did not do anything to save their 14 year-old marriage and has accused him of getting close on the show for mere publicity. Delnaaz said, "I have tried everything to save the marriage while being in the marriage."

Bigg Boss: What's cooking between Rajev and Delnaaz?

Rajev, who maintains on the show that he still cares for Delnaaz, has never voted against his ex-wife.

Later, Bakhtiyar's entry into the house changed the equation between Delnaaz and Rajev. The duo, who was maintaining a cordial relation on the show, felt the tremors when Delnaaz's brother accused Rajev of flirting with other girls. Bakhtiyar told Rajev, "I didn't expect this from you. When did you come to our house and pleaded in front of my mother? On one hand you keep chasing Delu and on the other hand you try to get close with every girl in the house."

Bakhtiyar's accusations did not go down too well with Rajev and the later had an argument with Delnaaz over the same. He told Delnaaz that Bakhtiyar had no business to speak to him like that in front of other inmates. But, Delnaaz supported her brother by saying that Rajev told other inmates on the show that he can find any girl, but he is concerned about Delnaaz.

Despite their constant outbursts in the house, Delnaaz told Rajev that after staying with him in the house for such a long time, she now believes that they can be cordial. But what came as a shocker to Rajev was the surprise visit by his brother Rakesh on the show. Rakesh told Rajev that he is making a fool of himself on the show by supporting Delnaaz and also added that Delnaaz has been saying on the show that she has a loan to repay.

Rakesh reprimanded Rajev for his actions on the show and also told him that Delnaaz never uttered a word about asking for alimony. He cautioned Rajev that Delnaaz is playing a smart game and he should play accordingly. Though Rajev was miffed with Delnaaz for sometime over the entire issue but later he confided into Urvashi that he cannot be bad with Delnaaz no matter what happens.

With some love-lost and some persuasion, their relationship on the show is getting interesting with each episode. While many people hope that the two get back together, our share of advice is that the two sort out things more cordially without becoming a butt of joke on the show.

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