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Nov 07, 2012 at 03:34pm IST

Bigg Boss 6: You are a doormat, says Sapna Bhavnani to Rajev Paul

New Delhi: After performing the duty for the maximum number of hours in the night during the luxury budget task - Major Saab ki Sena - Rajev was declared a doormat in the house by Sapna. As per the rules of the task, any one of the housemates had to be awake in the night.

As a result, housemates decided to perform the duty by turn. But in the morning, Sapna was seen telling Sidhu that everyone was awake for an hour, while Rajev was awake for around 2.5 hours while she herself performed the duty for 2 hours. Analysing the situation, Sapna then said to Rajev, "You are a doormat of the house and everyone walks all over you."

Besides, on Day 30 of Bigg Boss 6, three fights took place inside the Bigg Boss house - Rajev vs Mink, Urvashi vs Sapna, and Aashka vs Vrajesh. Mink and Rajev got into an argument in the boys room. Mink got miffed with Rajev as, according to Mink, Rajev kept asking about the outside world's opinions regarding the fights that happened in the house. Mink got upset and told him to stop asking such questions. A puzzled Rajev and Urvashi discussed the same with Sidhu. Mink on the other side walked out and started crying. Mink's overreaction!

Bigg Boss 6: You are a doormat, says Sapna to Rajev

On Day 30 of Bigg Boss 6, three fights took place inside the Bigg Boss 6 house.

The first fight led to another fight between Vrajesh and Aashka. Seeing Mink crying, Vrajesh came to console her. Aashka retaliated to this and told him to stay away from her and others as according to Sidhu's punishment, he is not supposed to interact with anyone. Vrajesh got cheesed off by Aashka's comment and asked her to stay out of the task as she is the captain (who never gets involved). Aashka started shouting at Vrajesh as she didn't like the way he told her to stay away. Aashka complained to Sidhu about this and Sidhu again punished Vrajesh.

After a while, Sapna and Urvashi were seen having a tiff. This fight took place after housemates were assigned a second part to their "Major Saab ki Sena" task. In the task, they were divided into two groups – Sidhu along with his protectors, Rajev, Niketan and Urvashi and the other group led by Vrajesh consisting of Delnaaz, Mink, Sana and Sapna. The objective here is to apply Gulaal on Sidhu's face.

During the task, Sapna while teasing the Sidhu's team made certain actions that Urvashi found offensive. She started yelling at Sapna and asked her to be in her limits. Sapna on the other hand simply said "It's just a joke, baby."

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