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Oct 17, 2013 at 03:37pm IST

Bigg Boss 7: Andy tells Gauhar that her standard is higher than Kushal's

New Delhi: It seems that 'Bigg Boss' inmates are their truest self while performing tasks for the animosity against each other comes out only then.

The episode began with Andy and Kushal hurling slippers at each other on the behest of Sangram. What began as a minor prank on Andy, later becomes an ugly spat during midnight with Andy ending up abusing Kushal and Sangram for disturbing his sleep. Later, Andy finds Sangram crying in his bed and he decides to wake him up and solve the matter. He takes him outside in the garden area and asks him to put an end to the issue. Andy also adds that he will not forgive Kushal for whatever he has done today.

The morning saw a new spat, this time in the jannat side of the house. While having breakfast, Elli starts whining over the Parathas being overcooked. She goes inside the house and complains about it to Gauahar who tells her to go out of the house as it's against the rule of the task. Elli rushes out crying and tells Tanisha that Gauahar is over reacting and acting rude. Tanisha goes inside with Elli and orders Gauahar to put butter on it. Gauahar and Kamya find Tanisha's behaviour inappropriate and say that they are being treated as servants. Tanisha also blames Gauahar for being biased towards Pratyusha and not stopping her from chatting with the hell-mates when it's against the rule of the task.

Bigg Boss 7: Andy tells Gauhar that she can do better than Kushal

Gauhar and Kushal are seen discussing their relationship and how they should take a call only after 'Bigg Boss'.

Gauhar breaks down in front of Kushal saying that inspite of her bad health she has been cooperating as much as she can. Needless to say, Kushal gets angry and argues with Tanisha.

Further, Pratyusha and Gauahar clear the air while Kushal consoles Gauahar and asks her to calm down. Further upset Kamya decides to maintain a distance from Tanisha and Armaan. Armaan tries to talk to Kamya but she avoids talking to him and tells him that she will discuss the matter with him separately. In the afternoon, Gauahar tries to talk to Elli and sort out the matter. She goes to her and explains her point of view. After thinking for a while, Elli comes to Gauahar and tells her that Kamya gave her an overcooked paratha because she does not like her since the very first day.

'Bigg Boss' announces later in the day that the task given to the inmates has finally come to an end and Jahanum wasis are declared as winners. In the evening, Gauhar and Kushal are seen discussing their relationship and how they should take a call only after leaving the show. Later, Andy is seen asking Gauhar whether she has really fallen in love with Kushal. When Gauhar doesn't reply and just laugh, Andy tells her that she can get someone much better than Kushal and how he is not up to Gauhar's standard.

Post midnight, the inmates are woken up to loud noises as they see men breaking the walls and grills that separate the two sections. Inmates are still unaware that the two houses are being finally merged into one.