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Sep 20, 2013 at 11:19am IST

Bigg Boss 7: Ratan's comment makes Pratyusha angry, very angry

New Delhi: The 4th day inside the Bigg Boss house started with an announcement that the hell-mates will have to choose one person from their side who has contributed the most in the 3rd day's task. Apoorva Agnihotri, on behalf of everyone, took Armaan Kohli's name.

Similarly, the heaven side was asked to select one person who us mostly disliked by other house mates. The heaven side nominated Gauhar Khan's name, and then Bigg Boss asked Armaan and Gauhar to exchange their places.

However, a lot of water crossed the bridge in one hour. The real show stealer of yesterday's show was Pratyusha Banerjee, who got into a huge fight with Ratan Rajput. It seems, she still carries the pain of her break-up in her heart because a simple comment from Ratan made Pratyusha furious, very furious. Finally, the mater resolved with Ratan backing off.

Bigg Boss 7: Ratan's comment makes Pratyusha angry

Gauhar Khan is slowly losing the battle because she is opening up her mind very early in the show.

Kamya was seen playing the game with complete attention as she is the one who has already started convincing people to form a group. Pratyusha and Armaan were seen as her aides. But, the other set of people are not unaware of the developments and they zeroes upon the idea that it's Kamya who is masterminding every move.

A new side of Armaan's nature has also been revealed which suggests that he might be acting bossy but probably he is a soft person from inside. Unless and until, he is not directly affected by any proceeding, he doesn't get feisty.

On the other hand, Gauhar is slowly losing the battle because she is opening up her mind very early in the show. The way she is talking to the cameras, hints towards her vulnerability. She needs to get a grip on her composure in order to win more friends in the house.

Armaan was happy on entering the heaven and received a warm welcome from everybody. Andy got emotional on Gauhar's departure and waved her good bye with tears in his eyes.

The luxury budget task is back once again and the house mates are still not capable enough to cope up with this part of the task, which has the potential of sparking another fight.

The environment inside the Bigg Boss house is heating up and very soon we are going to see friends up in arms against each other.