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Oct 19, 2013 at 11:26am IST

Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha is spoiling her family's name, Shilpa tells Vivek

New Delhi: A few weeks into the reality show and once everyone's favourite Tanisha seem to be on the receiving end these days. After her closeness with Armaan in the house, the housemates have taken a dislikness for her. Shilpa, who was close to Tanisha in the early weeks, is disturbed by the sudden change in Tanisha and tells Vivek that Tanisha is projecting herself in a wrong way.

Vivek also adds that Tanisha is being a puppet in Armaan's hands and she is just not using her own mind and defending Armaan in everything. Shilpa is also concerned about Tanisha as she thinks that she is spoiling her family's name by getting close to Armaan on the show.

Later, Bigg Boss announces a task wherein all the 13 inmates have to rank themselves on the basis of popularity and achievements. Tanisha tells everyone that she has been doing films since 2003 and has also produced a film which did Rs 100 crore business at the box office. On the other hand, Gauhar tells that she has worked with three big banners in the last three years and done a few reality shows. However, Pratyusha gets the number 1 slot and Bigg Boss asks her to nominate two names for captaincy. Apoorva and Armaan make it to Pratyusha's list and later through voting, Apoorva becomes the new captain of the house.

Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha is spoiling her family's name, says Shilpa

Shilpa is disturbed by the sudden change in Tanisha and tells Vivek that she is projecting herself in a wrong way.

Later in the day, Pratyusha confronts Armaan on his behaviour and their friendship gone sour. She tells him that Kamya and she has stopped talking to him because of his closeness with Tanisha. Though, Armaan seems unperturbed and tells her that he does not care. But he does later tell Tanisha about the same and tells her that he would stop talking to her if inmates bring up this again.

During the dinner, Bigg Boss gives them a surprise task wherein the inmates are asked to sell their things to newly elected captain Apoorva. Whosoever is able to impress Apoorva and sell their product will win a certain amount with which he or she will be able to buy things that will be made available in the store room. Andy lures him with his black shinny shoes, Elli tries to sell him her favourite Froggy. Kamya gets to sell a 'belan'.

But at the end of the task, Apoorva declares Kamya to be the winner and she gets to pick up one thing of her choice from the storeroom. To Kamya's surprise, she finds an envelope with her daughter's birthday pictures. She bursts into tears and quickly goes and hugs Apoorva thanking him.