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Dec 06, 2011 at 12:43pm IST

Bigg Boss: Amar, Mahek, Sid and Shonali nominated

Mumbai: Bigg Boss loves to throw a googly at the housemates during nomination. This week, rather than nominating two people for eviction, Bigg Boss asked contestants to name their favorites. Sunny Leone and Akashdeep Saigal got the highest votes and were safe from eviction.

This week Amar Upadhyay, Mahek Chahal, Siddharth Bhardwaj and Shonali Nagrani are nominated for eviction.

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It seems Akash has really succeeded in wooing hearts after patching up with Mahek. He tries hard to stay away from arguments these days. Sunny got five votes and Akash got four. Sunny voted for Shonali and Sky and told the same to her. Sky didn't want Sunny to lose credibility in front of Amar. Therefore, Sky told Amar that she voted for him.

Bigg Boss: Amar, Mahek, Sid and Shonali nominated

Amar hugs Shonali

The problem started when Shonali confronted Amar. She thought Sunny lied to her. Sunny preferred to stay mum during the entire act and Akash was trying to handle the situation. However, cry baby Shonali was difficult to control. Now she is nominated for eviction, so the drama was obvious as well.

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At end Akash told the truth to Amar, expecting he would understand. It seems Sky and Juhi are dominating Sunny. They are busy putting words in her mouth all the time. Time to wake up baby!

Amar's desperation to stay in 'Bigg Boss' is very evident. Lately, there were reports about his bad financial position. While trying to be funny, Sid told Amar that you will be eliminated this week. Amar was annoyed to hear this and got into an ugly spat with Sid.

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Thanks to elimination and nominations, there are again two groups in the house again. Sky, Amar, Juhi and Sunny are in one group, while Sid is ganging up with Mahek these days. Shonali is entirely unpredictable and keeps on changing camps and bedrooms.

Symonds in Bigg Boss

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Bigg Boss has become a little dull with lesser members in the house. Even the buzz around Sunny is also seems to be settling down. Now Bigg Boss has decided to bring in Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds in the show. Infamous for being short tempered, let's see how Symonds behaves with other housemates.

Whom do you think will go out of Bigg Boss this week. I think either Sid or Shonali will make an exit this week. Now let’s wait and watch...

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