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Dec 12, 2012 at 04:11pm IST

'Bigg Boss' is not a game and there are no rules, Niketan tells Delnaaz

New Delhi: The new season of the Bigg Boss might have not been as spicy as the previous seasons, but the makers are trying every bit to make the show 'Alag Che'. After making Urvashi enter into a verbal spat with Delnaaz in the last episode, Bigg Boss yet again asked Urvashi, under the secret task, to spoil the breakfast made by Delnaaz.

Urvashi went onto add too much spice to the food, making Rajev fume over the entire issue. Rajev, who later reprimanded Urvashi for making too spicy breakfast, broke down after seeing Urvashi's intentions of maligning Delnaaz's reputation in the home.

While Delnaaz continues to blame Urvashi for her uncalled for acts, she maintains that she is not playing any game in the house and considers the inmates as her family. Upon hearing Delnaaz's claims, Niketan told her, "It is not a game. There are no rules and regulations. There are always references that someone or the other in the house is playing a game. But, I don't know how to play this game. I don't know how to win this game."

'Bigg Boss' is not a game, Niketan tells Delnaaz

Delnaaz continues to blame Urvashi for her uncalled for acts and maintains that she is not playing any game.

However, to lighten up the atmosphere of the house and also to test the credibility of the inmates in performing the luxury task, Bigg Boss had sent a flash mob consisting of around 50 dancers performing to popular songs like 'Aa Ante' and 'Mummy Daddy' to distract the inmates from doing their task. However, Imam, Sapna and Nirahua kept on doing their task even when the flash mob was being performed.

Later, Niketan confronted Urvashi on her sudden change in behaviour and asked her if she was being assigned any secret task. Urvashi tried her best to conceal the fact that it was a task and told Niketan that she wanted to give Delnaaz and Rajev an earful for quite sometime. With the secret task being successfully completed by Urvashi, let's see what the new day has in store for the inmates.

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