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Dec 20, 2011 at 05:36pm IST

Bigg Boss: Sunny Leone, Juhi Parmar want the boys out

Mumbai: After Shonali Nagrani's exit from 'Bigg Boss 5' house, Andrew Symonds and Pooja Misrra were also asked to leave the house on day 78. Andrew and Pooja were just guests in the house.

Siddharth Bhardwaj who became good friends with Symonds was really upset to hear this. After Mahek and Shonali's eviction, Symonds was his only support in the house. Before leaving, Symonds suggested Sid to stay calm and stick to what Salman Khan said. He added, "Keep yourself engaged in things you like, such as swimming. Just 20 more days to go and you can really win the show."

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With just five contestants in the house now the nomination process was pretty predictable. Akashdeep Saigal, Juhi Parmar and Sunny Leone voted against Siddharth and Amar Upadhyay. Interestingly, apart from Akash everyone else in the house is nominated for eviction this week. However, 'Bigg Boss' has decided to keep the voting lines closed this week. So will there be no eviction this week? Let's wait and watch.

Bigg Boss: Sunny, Juhi want the boys out

Akash with Juhi and Sunny

Amar was upset with Sky and gang for nominating him. When Sky confronted him, Amar admitted that he has come in 'Bigg Boss' to play games and not to make friends. Amar was also seen bonding with Sid later on. Both of them do not have any other option now.

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Sky told Sunny that Amar and Sid desperately want her out of the show. Now, Sunny is also slowly coming out of her sweet avatar. While talking to the cameras, Juhi and Sunny said that they will kick out all the boys and are equally capable of winning the show.

The Bigg Boss house has become a little dull now. There was no morning dance session on day 78. Now 'Bigg Boss' has also asked all the contestants to stay in one room. May be that can keep some spark alive.

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Predictions about the winner of the show have already begun. After eviction, Shonali said that she really want Juhi to win the show. Many other eliminated contestants said that Juhi has bright chances of winning 'Bigg Boss 5'. Stay tuned for more action from the 'Bigg Boss' house.