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Oct 24, 2013 at 04:24pm IST

Bigg Boss7: Kushal calls Tanisha fatso, 36-year-old aunty; gets pushed

New Delhi: High drama continued inside the 'Bigg Boss' house on the second day of the luxury task 'Bigg Box'. While on the previous day Armaan had lost his cool and lashed out at house inmates, on Wednesday, Tanishaa and Kushal got into a fight.

It was Tanishaa, Andy, Asif, Viveik, Elli and Kamya's turn to sit inside the box while the other inmates had to instigate them to come out of the box. Sangram and Kushal went all out to perform the task and make most of them come out of the box at the earliest. Kushal, specially, took it upon himself to instigate Tanisha and along with Sangram targeted her. The duo threw powder, soap water and even contents of the dustbin inside Tanishaa's box.

Needless to say, after a while, Tanishaa got infuriated and came out of the box while slightly pushing him. Kushal did not appreciate Tanisha's attitude and got upset with her act. But she repeatedly kept edging him on and mocking him. Kushal then removed his mic and asked Bigg Boss to take strict action against her and went and called her " a flop actress, fatso, 36-year-old aunty who was a black spot in her family". Tanishaa chose not to react and just walked off from the place.

Bigg Boss 7: Kushal calls Tanisha fatso, 36-year-old aunty; gets pushed

After Armaan lost his cool and lashed out at house inmates, on Wednesday, Tanishaa and Kushal got into a fight.

Later, Tanishaa was seen discussing the incident with Armaan and Armaan stated that he would not like to speak on her behalf with other inmates and asked her to fight her own battle. The two even sneaked into the smoking room and cuddled for sometime before coming out.

Meanwhile, the inmates were seen discussing the incident and Partyusha and Gauhar also removed their mic to show their support to Kushal. Being the captain of the house, Apurva spoke to Bigg Boss and assured the trio that action will be taken soon against Tanisha. While Gauhar and Pratyusha wore their mics, Kushal was adamant and demanded Bigg Boss to either throw Tanishaa out of the house or he would leave the house that night itself.

Later, at mid-night, when Kushal still doesn't get his answer, he decides to pack his bags and climb up on the wall of the house with the aid of a few chairs by placing them one above the other. Gauahar and other housemates try to stop him but Kushal chooses to ignore them. Gauahar even bursts into tears and pleads with Kushal to come down, but to no avail.

While most inmates discourage Kushal from leaving, Tanishaa keeps quiet after being advised by Andy and Armaan and just sits calmly and watches Kushal climb up the boundary wall.