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Apr 10, 2013 at 11:01am IST

Bihar: Call centre in Madhubani a lifeline for farmers

Madhubani: A call centre is proving to be quite a lifeline for farmers in Madhubani in Bihar. It is an initiative by Delhi-based Drishti Foundation and is proving to be central to the economy of agriculture in the region.

It is a lifeline for the farmers of the Madhubani district, addressing their queries and problems on farming, seed selection, what fertiliser to use and using new-age techniques. The call centre by the Drishti foundation has helped the farmers take a huge leap of faith.

"As most rural people depend on agriculture and farming, most of the problems have to do with the field. The lifeline is a big help," said Swati, manager at the call centre.

In the Kosi region of North Bihar, where economy primarily revolves around agriculture, this initiative is the most important helping hand for farmers. For them, the person sitting on the other side of the phone is a mentor who has answers to all their agriculture related queries.

Apart from helping farmers, this lifeline has empowered the locals who are not involved with farming. A housewife till recently, Asha Devi now advises hassled farmers. "We had never operated a computer before this. We learned everything here. My self-confidence has increased," she said.

A life-changer for thousands of farmers, this call centre needs to spread beyond the boundaries of Madhubani to benefit others whose lives are ruled by their land.