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Sep 05, 2006 at 03:34pm IST

Bihar village misses it's annual floods

Darbhanga (Bihar): This year's monsoon has made people homeless and snatched away their livelihood.

But for the residents of Kushwerwar Asthan at Darbhanga this year’s monsoon has left the miserable because they didn't get their yearly flood.

It’s after 40 years that Kushwerwar Asthan has had a monsoon without floods. The women, who would otherwise get onto the boat to go to the market, now have to walk for four kilometres.

"During the floods we get off from the boats directly at our homes. Seventy five per cent of the people in the village earn their living by catching fish," a resident, Malik Jha says.

The residents of the village are used to having nine long months of floodwaters and they are always equipped to handle it. But unfortunately this monsoon season, their boats are parked outside the houses and there are only a few who can afford to have horses to help them.

"Here there are more boats because they are a necessity during the floods," Malik says.

However, the loss of livelihood is not just limited to fishermen alone. Farmer’s as well as carpenters have been hit financially.

"We've had losses because we're not making any boats," a carpenter, Vijat Sao says.

Floods may be causing devastation in Barmar and elsewhere but the residents of Kushwerwar Asthan have been left hi and dry this year.