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Oct 21, 2008 at 02:01pm IST

Bihar's floodhit victims marry in relief camp

Saharsa: The flood hit victims of Bihar’s Kosi floods have something to rejoice about. The relief camps have come alive with activity due to a marriage in their premises.

The flood-hit victims suddenly had something joyous to look forward to as the marriage procession that was to bring the groom from another relief camp was on the way.

The procession or baraat in Bihar’s Saharsa village brought Rajiv to the wedding pandal as his bride to be waited. Both of them were united in their grief as the floods had taken everything they had.

“I liked her at first glance and all the formalities fell in place. She was educated and I thought that I had made the right choice,” said Rajiv.

So the relief camp became a large venue for thousands of people from either camps to come together. There was food and festivity around as people danced.

The District Magistrate of Saharsa, R Laxmanan said, “The administration has tried to make most things available to facilitate the ceremony. It is indeed joyous as the two relief camp people come together to celebrate.”

It is almost two months since the waters from the breach in the Kosi’s barrage had brought deluge to the villages of Bihar.