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Oct 07, 2013 at 05:39pm IST

BJP appeals to President to reschedule his Bihar visit

New Delhi: Politics continues over Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra modi's scheduled rally in Patna on October 27. The Bharatiya Janata Party has appealed to President Pranab Mukherjee to reschedule his Bihar visit as it was co-inciding with Modi's rally. The party had alleged that the Janata Dal United was trying to sabotage Modi's rally.

The JD(U) has denied the Bihar BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi's allegation that it is trying to derail the rally and the party sources also said all necessary security arrangements are in place.

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Sushil Modi had alleged that first Nitish Kumar government denied permission for the use of Gandhi Maidan, then it invited the President to Bihar on the same date. He said, "He is trying to scuttle the rally by inviting the President on the same day as the rally. Before October 27, he will make more attempts to stop the rally."

JD(U) sources said the President will be in Patna on October 26 for an event organised by IIT Patna and the Bihar government has nothing to do with it. Party chief Sharad Yadav said, "I have no information on this. The BJP is raising every issue now."

The BJP urged the President to revise his schedule to visit Bihar on October 26-27 as it coincides with its 'Hunkar Rally' on October 27. "The people of Patna will be deprived of an opportunity to welcome you whole heartedly as they would be busy attending the Hunkar Rally," BJP MLA Nitin Naveen said in a letter to the President.

"People of Patna and Bihar have been preparing for the Hunkar Rally for the past six months and are eagerly waiting to listen to Modi in whom they see a symbol of development," he said.

Naveen alleged that there was politics at play in the finalisation of the schedule of the presidential visit to coincide with Modi's rally. The Nitish Kumar government has tried to politicise the President's visit to Bihar about which the BJP came to know from media.

Echoing him, BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi alleged that the Chief Minister did not intentionally inform the President's office about the BJP's rally as a "conspiracy" to sabotage it.

There was a "conspiracy" by the JD(U) government to sabotage the 'Hunkar rally' by scheduling the President's visit to Bihar on the date even though the BJP had announced its programme in March.

During the President's visit, a tight security blanket would be thrown that will cause inconvenience to those wanting to attend Modi's rally, Sushil Modi said.

Also no plane could land at the Patna airport as long as the special aircraft carrying Mukherjee did not fly out and under the circumstances the aircraft carrying Modi would not land at the airport on that date.

(With additional information from PTI)