Apr 12, 2007 at 12:07am IST

BJP CD controversy gains steam

New Delhi: As campaigning for the second phase of elections in Uttar Pradesh draws to an end, the BJP is trying to infuse its Hindutva agenda with a provocative election ad in at least three Hindi dailies.

The pictures and the words used, appear crafted to instigate and incite the masses. And the move comes even as there's no end in sight yet for the Election Commission's hearing on its allegedly communal CDs.

The continuance of the hearing on the BJP's CDs helps the party to keep the focus on its Hindutva agenda, which it has managed to slip through the back-door.

FLARING SENTIMENTS: The BJP is trying to infuse its Hindutva agenda with a provocative election ads.

Now, the advertisement published in Hindi newspapers may turn out to be a borderline case of communal provocation. It stretches the point regarding minority appeasement that the BJP has been harping for long.

But the BJP critics insist that the Muslims are being targeted carefully to ensure the consolidation of Hindu votes.

However, the BJP doesn't see the problem. "This is our regular ad and I think there is nothing wrong in saying that Afzal should be hanged, that Vande Mataram should be sung," says BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar.

For the Congress, this is ammunition they could use. ''This is wrong. It's the worst form of appeasement throughout these elections," says Congress leader Kapil Sibal.

But day two of the hearing at the Election Commission was adjourned after a good two hours of argument with the BJP mostly objecting to Election Commissioner Navin Chawla being present.

But the party was asked to supply copies of its objection to the Congress, CPM, BSP and Jan Morcha and return to the table the next day.

The Congress has already called it a diversionary tactic, and with the Left has demanded that the Commission pass an interim order so that further damage could be minimised.