Oct 28, 2006 at 07:41pm IST

BJP flays Arundhati for defending Afzal

New Delhi: BJP on Saturday lashed out at Booker prize-winner Arundhati Roy for referring to Parliament attack convict Mohammad Afzal as a prisoner-of-war.

"People like Roy and others while defending Afzal can go to such an extent to suggest that he is a prisoner-of-war but the fact is the author herself is a prisoner of her own dogma. Her comments are preposterous and do not lie in national interest," BJP spokesman Prakash Javadekar said.

His comments came in the wake of Arundhati's article on the Parliament attack in an English magazine.

IN SUPPORT: Arundhati has been accused of referring to Mohammad Afzal as a prisoner-of-war.

"No country has ever witnessed such kind of defense of a terrorist. They have gone beyond an academic discussion on capital punishment," the BJP leader said.

In her article, Arundhati had written, "On the whole, most Kashmiris see Mohammad Afzal as a sort of prisoner-of-war being tried in the courts of an occupying power. (Which it undoubtedly is)."

The BJP leader also accused Arundhati, a rights activist, of selectively citing portions of court rulings over Afzal in support of her alleged defense of the death-row prisoner.

"The key question is why then she had not come in support of Afzal while he was being tried," Javadekar said.