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Apr 07, 2013 at 08:21am IST

BJP leaders to discuss strategy ahead of 2014 polls in Delhi today

New Delhi: The newly appointed office bearers of the BJP will hold their first meeting in Delhi on Sunday. All the state presidents have been called to the capital for the meeting that will be chaired by party president Rajnath Singh.

The BJP is likely to discuss its preparations for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and also elections to the state assemblies slated for this year. The BJP is planning to give a 300 day plan to its workers to prepare for the elections especially in the rural areas.

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And in a sign of things to come in the run-up to the 2014 elections, Gujarat Chief Minister Narender Modi took on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for his recent speech to India Inc. "I heard Rahul Gandhi's speech a couple of days ago and I was very disappointed. India might be a beehive to the Congress but for us India is our mother." Modi's intentions were clear, to make it a battle between himself and Rahul in the run up to the next general elections.

Rahul, while addressing a gathering of business tycoons in New Delhi, had called for unleashing the potential of the Indian "beehive".

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Meanwhile, responding to the personal attacks made by the Congress on Modi, Rajnath said the Gujarat Chief Minister will prove to be 'Yamraj' who will bring down the Congress. "It hurts when a leader like Modi is called "Maut ka saudagar". People will teach Congress a lesson for calling Modi "Yamraj"," the BJP leader said.

Taking it up from where he had left at the party council in Delhi, Rajnath again heaped lavish praise on Modi at party's foundation day function in Ahmendabad on Saturday. With Modi turning the conclave into his massive show of strength.

Earlier on Saturday, in Delhi, the leadership issue was revived yat again by another party leader. As Rajnath sought a standing ovation for party veteran LK Advani as one of the founding members of the BJP attempting perhaps to do a balancing act.

Meanwhile, Delhi BJP leader Vijay Goel was more direct in projecting the patriacrch for the 2014 elections. "The party was strengthened by Vajpayee and Advani. Vajpayee is unwell, but we will fight the 2014 elections under Advani and I am sure that we will win," said Goel.

As Advani in a blunt message asked the BJP to do some serious introspection. "Some of the things that I hear today do not match my views on what the BJP and Jan Sangh. We need to win seats and more importantly we must not compromise on values," said Advani.

As the BJP president showered praises on Modi, calling him the most popular leader, what is interesting is his careful selection of words for Modi. As the hardcore politician from UP knows that the battle for 2014 is as perhaps as much about acceptance as it is about popularity.

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