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Apr 28, 2013 at 02:26pm IST

BJP to protest against govt in all state capitals over 2G, coal scam

New Delhi: The main Opposition the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will launch an agitation against the government in all state capitals on May 4 and 5, attacking the UPA regime on various issues such as the 2G scam and the coal scam.

"BJP has decided to take the fight against the massive cover up of Congress regime from Parliament to the people of country. On May 4 and 5, we will protest in all state capitals against the massive cover up of the Congress regime," said party spokesman Prakash Javadekar.

"The Prime Minister is using the Law Minister as human shield because he is aware when the Law Minister goes he will be the next in the line of fire," he added.

The BJP leader said his party will organise "massive protest rallies" across the state capitals on both days to highlight "how the government is engaging shamelessly in the massive cover up". "The Prime Minister says that by not allowing Parliament to function, we are making mockery of our system of democracy and the whole world is laughing at us. The fact is that they are laughing at us for the corruption in the country and how attempts are being made to cover it up. We want to ask the Prime Minister. Is it not a fact that you have signed on the (papers for) allocation of coal blocks in whatever cases have come to light in the coal scam? We completely reject the Prime Minister's statement that the Law Minister will not resign," Javadekar said.

Javadekar said this was yet another proof of how Congress is "tampering with the evidence" and wants to protect "those who tamper" with the evidences. "We want to ask what right the PMO's Joint Secretary has to have a look at the CBI's report. We want to ask what right the Joint Secretary of Coal Ministry has to demand the CBI report. CBI's probe itself is about coal scam, which was born in the Coal Ministry. In what capacity they were screening the CBI report?"

He wondered why the Central Vigilance Commission, whose report led to the CBI probe into the issue, has not demanded to see the report so far. "This is enough. You have not been issued a license to loot," the BJP leader said.

Invoking architect of anti-Congress movement Jayprakash Narayan, Javadekar said the party will go for a similar fight against corruption and immorality this time as was witnessed during the period of JP. He also noted that even the allies of the government are preparing for elections and opposing the government as they do not want to share the blame for the UPA's misdeeds.

The BJP leader also put the blame on the Congress and the government for the non-functioning of Parliament, saying that BJP is ready to discuss all issues but for that the government has to "take action (into the coal scam), (the law minister has to) resign and withdraw the JPC report". "If Parliament is not running, it's not us but the Congress is responsible. They do not want discussion and hence do not allow Parliament to run because they have to engage in covering up this massive corruption," Javadekar said.

He also insisted that the Opposition party has the right to demand a discussion under what rule they want. To a question on the government reaching out to BJP for the passage of key finance bills, he said, "first, the government has to answer why they did what they have done till now."

(With Additional Inputs From PTI)

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